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Areas of Interest and Expertise

This section of the website presents topics that I find intriguing and offer as services to organizations. Some of these are my academic areas of interest, thus they translate into services that I can provide as a consultant on a project basis.


This is an area that I find fascinating that has been seriously overlooked by many companies. Turnover rates have been turned into relatively deceptive numbers, that can lead a business into feeling comfortable when it truly has deeper problems.


This is one of the areas that can be highly impacted evidence-based practices. Powerful and effective selection systems work by ensuring that money spent on selecting new employees is done so that a business can receive the highest possible return on its investment.

Additionally, in the past few years, I’ve been exploring how traditional employee selection practices can be applied to franchising businesses in selecting new franchisees. Essentially, I see that in the near future Title VII will be applied to the franchisor-franchisee relationship, and I want to help the businesses who employ my services be ready when this happens.

Performance Measurement and Rewards

Making sure that rewarding and measuring employee performance is properly targeted is like jet fuel to a company. When handled well, the results can be incredible profits; when mismanaged, it’s a recipe for disaster.


Training is one of my main areas of specialization and a place that I have spent a large portion of my recent career working in. I have three major areas that can impact training issues that I focus on. These are as follows:

  • Post-Training Evaluation
  • Testing Effect
  • Previous Ability or Experience

In the past couple of years, I’ve been exploring the possibility of evaluating attitude change through training interventions using implicit attitudes testing methods originally designed for stereotype and bias research. I’ve worked with a web-designer to create the code necessary for such tests and have been looking for an organization interested in exploring such a method of post-training evaluation.

Leadership and Management

Having spent 20+ years in different levels of management, I find the topic of how leaders influence subordinates to be intriguing. My personal philosophy is that a strong leader is able to influence those who work for him or her, persuading and empowering employees to succeed, rather than simply issuing orders to be followed. Leaders also support, teach, and steward employees toward success and help to create the new leaders of tomorrow.

Mentoring Programs

More than simply the topic of my dissertation, this has become an interest of mine. The creation of a successful mentoring program takes careful diligence, planning, and internal evaluation. With my research into stress, trust, and the mentoring relationship I can provide a great deal of insight and information about what elements make up a successful mentoring relationship or program.

Organizational Culture and Change

In all the years I have been in management and business consulting, I’ve had extensive experience helping organizations work through upcoming changes. To quote an old adage, large organizations change course much like a battleship, with wide turns and over time. I’ve found how those changes take place successfully–and unsuccessfully–to be fascinating and enlightening. So, I do my best to pass that experience and knowledge on to those I work with.

Finally, if you have any questions about any of these topics or services, check out the linked pages or feel free to contact me.

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