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Hi there! I’m Dr. Dan Hawthorne, an Industrial/Organizational psychologist, and I hope you find my website, useful, informative, and you leave with the seeds of your own cogniphanies.

Some of what I have in this website will certainly tag me as an academic, and I won’t refute that I have an interest in academia. But I am also very interested in how research can be applied in practical real world settings. I have a strong belief that research of any sort needs to have application, otherwise the value from it starts to lose meaning. If there aren’t tangible benefits, then why was it done?


I help businesses effect needed changes through training, selection, leadership, turnover analysisperformance management, and organizational design while insuring and providing evidence of success using psychometric and multivariate statistics processes. Prior to beginning my degree training in I-O psychology, I worked with a number of companies in industries ranging from textiles millwork to information technology to industrial film processing. During the 12 years I spent in management, I worked at many different levels from first-line supervisory capacity to production and plant management. I’ve also worked directly with C-level officers as well as alongside first-line employees. So, I’m comfortable with a boardroom or a factory floor.

While attaining B.A. degrees in Psychology and English, and continuing on into my M.A. work in Psychology, I worked for Intulogy, Inc. as a Senior Consultant. I used my knowledge of research methods to assist in training program development, post-training evaluation, and client-facing project management. During this time, I developed and began testing of my training post-evaluation model with research data supplied by Fortune 500 companies. Results of this model have been very promising and I continue to acquire more data. Now, my research acumen serves other organizations and my own research agenda, some of which is alluded to here, and others are works in progress not ready to be shared.

Today, I have a wide range of experiences and expertise designed to streamline human resources and organizational practices at all business levels. I use evidence-based methods to suggest the best ways for businesses to maximize employee potential, and statistical methods to inform decision-makers.

If you’d like to speak in more detail about my background, please feel free to contact me or check out my LinkedIn profile.


In my blog, you’ll find my latest insights, research, and other ideas. Please check it out!

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