Fishing in HR and Business

I saw an article in the news yesterday that made me start thinking about some of the concepts in psychology that influence my behavior that I take for granted. I take them for granted because I know about them and understand them, whereas most people probably don’t. It’s much easier to change a behavior, or influence something when you’re aware of why it happens.

Staying in the Loop – Human Resource Executive Online

The article I read dealt with helping HR managers understand how to better connect with their employees. It’s a good article, but it really leaves something out. As I read the article, I started to realize that after it would present a topic, it also presented some ideas of how to handle things. It felt too much like a checklist. If you’re reading my blog, I want to give you good information that you can process and use. I want to give you knowledge that you end up using. I don’t expect you to walk away with a degree in psychology, but if you understand some principle or theory better and it helps you at work, then I’m happy.

“Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.”

I’m not sure I got the proverb perfectly, but it’s really the intent that’s important. So, over the next few posts, I’m going to work on teaching you to fish (metaphorically, of course).  It’s my birthday today, so this is how I’m choosing to celebrate. I’ll give you all the gift of knowledge.

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