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Juggling versus Playing Catch

G.E.’s Beth Comstock made a great post over on LinkedIn about communication and the intricacies of actually being involved in a conversation. Facilitating good communication has been a large part of my career ever since I started working. However, my … Continue reading

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Automaticity and the Graduate Student

If you’re not familiar with the concept of automaticity in the mind, it’s relatively easy to explain. You know how you’ve had those moments where you’ve been driving somewhere and your mind drifts? And suddenly, you’re several miles down the … Continue reading

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Having trouble paying attention in a meeting? Doodle!

I was driving this morning and heard a very interesting piece on NPR. You’ve probably heard throughout your life that if someone is doodling on paper during a meeting or a training class, they’re probably bored and completely disengaged. However, … Continue reading

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